Work with Some of Our Incredible BFF’s

Planning a wedding wouldn’t be fun without a little extra help from our friends. That’s why Nikki has come together with some of her best friends in the industry to ensure that you get everything you need to make your special day, well… perfect. From bridal body workouts, to planning and creative workshops for wedding inspiration. Check out some of the friends you can hang out with!

PS We Capture Love..

The story of PS. We Capture Love begins with Paul met his wife Samuela, and they both shared a passion for capturing love. They started filming weddings through word-of-mouth, and eventually took our initials P + S and started PS. We Capture Love. Their story is all about the sensual emotions and beauty between two hearts on their journey in becoming one in Christ. That’s how they define their Love Films. That’s how they also define our way of life.

PS is more than incredible. They are Nikki Hills prefered videographer because of the enormous passion they pour into their work. Not only will they capture your day but the emotion and love will shine through at the end.




Okay… so you just got engaged. Now you’re screaming into your pillow freaking out because you want to tone up or maybe shed some serious lb’s. Angie Okon is not only a badass but will shape you to be in the best shape of your life by the time those wedding bells are ringin’.

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Let’s see… you’ve enjoyed a few too many with the boys and don’t have that six pack that came so easily during your time in college. Between work and play, finding time for a workout can be tough. Our motabolisms start to slow down. Let our team help you with your nutritional plan, fitness goals, and some kick-ass workouts and routines to take home with you.



Let’s Chat about It All…

Navigate complex relational issues

Make difficult decisions within your business

Resolve concerns with employees or clients

Grow in leadership acumen

Gain practical tools & strategies

Increase in self-awareness

Wedding Workshops

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Where to start… during this 2 hour workshop our team will help you with tones, themes, and style. Let our team help you with the design, floor plan, and selection of your linens, chairs, and chargers!

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Floral can be shaped into incredible masterpieces. From traditional and more whimsical or hip. During this 2 hour workshop, our team will help you find your perfect florist by your personal style, vision, and budget.



During this 2 hour workshop, our team will help you “hone” in on your personal style, suggest, and help you find specific photographers who match your style, while also giving you their contact information!


Financial Budgeting..

Let’s see… you have student loans, currently studying for your MBA, just got engaged, and are building your dream home… This can’t be budgeted for alone. Work with three of the hardest working friends to ensure that you are budgeting and keeping your financial plans in order. There is nothing more important than this!

This workshop will happen monthly. You and your partner can come in. Have a cup of coffee and pastry and plug away in your research for your favorite vendors. Nikki and her team will be there to answer any questions, concerns, or recommendations you may need. We also found it appropriate to pop a little bubbly to continue the celebration.